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December 05, 2021  
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Topic Title: Caring for someone...
Created On: 01/10/2001 11:22 AM
 10/04/2002 07:47 PM

Author Icon

Hi, I can understand where you all come from I have been caring for my quadriplegic brother for about 18 yrs. And that hadn't been to bad til he got a pressure sore near his scrotum in the crease of his leg and since May I haven't had much of a life it has been horrible. For one thing he had never ever had a pressure sore and I really didn't know how bad these things were til he got his and now that he has this he has to be put in bed every 2 hours and he can only be up for 2 hours at a time. I have a family of my own and trying to take care of them and being there for them is hard and caring for my own home has been crazy. I'm a stay at home mom but with helping take care of him I think I would rather be working outside the home. We now have a nurse come in but all she does is check on the wound and leaves so she really is alot of help. My mom and me are the only care givers for him and for two years I have been the therapist and the bather and the one that gets him out of bed all day, cause two years ago my mom had hip replacement and even though everything went well for my mom she still can't do any lifting like she did before. So I just wanted to say to you all just stick there and hope for the best with everything. I just keep telling myself its for your family and isn't that what families are for. Well good luck to you all.
 05/10/2001 09:38 PM

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Hi Jay: Boy can I relate to what your saying. Last July my Dad had unsuccessful open heart surgery. He came home with a pressure sore on his heal. We've been treating it since. He has no circulation in his leg therefore, it's an extremely slow process. At one point they sent him for hyperbaric treatments which really helped in the healing process. however the insurance company cut it because it's so darn expensive.While my Dad was in the hospital his wife had a stroke. needless to say I just don't have a life anymore. I spend all my time caring for one or the other. I guess I wouldn't have it any other way but, it gets depressing and occassionally I feel used and abused. What can you do....nothing,he's my Dad and I love him, so I give it my very best shot. Carylann
 01/11/2001 09:43 AM

Author Icon

It is very difficult. My father broke his hip and his hospital stay and rehabilitation was complicated by bedsores, and he didn't recover properly. It has been a nightmare.
 01/10/2001 11:22 AM

Author Icon

I am caring for my elderly mother, who has a number of health problems, among them, pressure ulcers on her sacrum and backs of the legs. It is so difficult adding this onto the list of other problems she has...is anyone else feeling this way?
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