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September 20, 2021  
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Topic Title: venous leg ulcers
Created On: 08/20/2000 07:03 PM
 08/21/2007 09:36 PM

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Hi, I am a wound care nurse. I have had great success treating venous ulcers with Iodoflex. It is a powdery form of Betadine, you cover the wound with Iodoflex and then apply dry pad and wrap with roller guaze, when edges start epitheliazing I coat the border with vaseline to keep moist. Hope this helps.
 08/04/2007 08:47 PM

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TextWayne, I was so impressed by your knowledge that I spent two hours looking up and reading about the products you recommended. I've already ordered the Poly-Mem bandages. I want to look into the compression devises a little bit further before I decide on one, but it's really helpful to know that your physician reommended the Circ-Aid. Theree's a new one which was tested recently, made in France, which has a graduated pressure -- tightest at the ankle, less so at the calf, with the least pressure at the top. Apparently, it has been very successful, and it sounds comfortable to me. I can't recall the name of it.

Thank you for taking the time to post the information. I would be interested in knowing how you are getting along. At the present time, I have two huge ulcers, one on the back of each leg, and two smaller ulcers on each leg. They are so painful! I'm looking forward to getting some relief in the near future.
 12/16/2003 10:15 AM

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Venous leg ulcers caused by venous insufficiency can usually be healed by getting any bacterial content in the wound under control in conjunction with graduated compression. For example you could have Silvadene or Flamazine applied (this is a prescription cream made by Smith & Nephew and is usually used in burn patients, I think it is what the marathon runner below refers to, it is effetive against most of the microbes in the wounds including MRSA), once the wound is not infected or colonised anymore (I used to do microbiology!) then you should address the insufficiency - you need something to help get the blood back up the veins. Profore or Proguide are layers of bandages that can do this. Once the ulcers have healed you will still have the problem of the insufficiency (which can lead to recurrence of the ulcer) so you need to consider compression hose,socks or stockings. Other things that may help are horse chestnut extract and putting your feet up for a good half hour eack day - this does not mean slightly raised on a stoll but that your feet should be above your hips and heart. So lie on the bed with a pile of pillows under your feet.
 12/31/2002 04:57 PM

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I am 37 years old and a right-leg amputee (for the last 13 years). In attempting to save my right leg the doctors harvested veins from my left leg. Since that time I have slowly developed a chronic problem with my remaining left leg. My left leg swells, it is discolored(brownish-red)between my knee and ankle and the skin is paper thin and breaks easily. I also get small ulcers from time to time as-well-as lumps under the skin. This problem does not effect my foot, but it does effect all sides of my leg near my shin/calf. Pressure socks do not provide any relief, but elevation does help the swelling somewhat. Is there anything that can be done to treat or cure this problem? Please respond as soon as possible.
 09/10/2002 09:53 AM

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have leg ulcers for ten years sometimes they get better.but just for a little while.have them now on both ankels and geting worse. i am in north carolina and looking for gene therapy close to home.if anyone knows where this done.please reply
 01/11/2002 10:29 AM

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You need to see a wound care facility if you live near a major city. Most large hospitals have them now. They may need to do a lab culture on the wounds to be checked for bacterial infection such as MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). That needs to be addressed first. Any drainage can be controlled by a wound dressing called Poly-Mem. The Poly-Mem 5"X5" wound dressing can be applied as needed, will control the drainage, help with painless debredment of the wounds, and promote healing at the same time. As to aid in the swelling, look into a product called Circ-Aids. They are a compression device that is non elastic and are adjustable go to www.circaids.com. I am a wound care patient myself and have been for a few years. I have Venous Insufficiency along with Venous leg ulcers. Until recently, any treatment for my legs have been futile until I came in contact with a wound care facility near my home. They first got the infection under control, then they began to use the Poly-Mem dressings. At the beginning of November 2001 I had 4 ulcers on my left leg and 1 large ulcer on my right leg. As of January 11 2002 I only have 1 medium ulcer on each leg and they are almost completely healed. The Circ-Aids are very comfortable, and can be applied and removed easily. I am not a sales person for any of the products I mentioned, they have been the life saver for me.
 10/24/2001 09:14 PM

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venous leg ulcer
 07/23/2001 12:41 AM

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my father-in-law has very bad swelling in his legs. the skin on his calves split open and the fluid runs out like a river.i've been looking for help for him and although he has used compression therapy in the past its only a few weeks till he's back where he started. from the description, i believe he has venous leg ulcers. he is also very overweight-445 lbs. he has bad fluid retention problems and we are looking for a solution. what are the possibilities of a "drain" of sorts. like they use for people with head injuries, to drain the fluid from his legs? any doctors out there that want to weigh in on that?
 10/03/2000 12:43 PM

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Hi, I am going in this Friday for TIPP on my right leg. I am 48 years old and developed an ulcer on my leg(lower Shin area)in Fall of 1997.This happen when I was resting after a Marathon training run (18 miles)with my leg elevated and my dog jumped up and its claw hit my shin and caused a puntcure wound. Kind of a freek thing, however this wound didn't heal over a normal period of time and it would form a scab over it and then secrete fluid and never heal.After a while this was really bothering me and I showed this area to a close friend of mine from my health club who is accually a cardiovascular surgeon. Now, to make this story as short as possible I will also let you know that I always have had a large superficial varicose vein in in this leg in the calf(lower back of leg)and that I have a HUGE history of these veins in my family . In fact, my grandfather(mothers side)lived to be 100 years old, however had both of his legs amputated at the knee,1 at 96years, the other at 98 years. Pretty tramatic, but he had a heart of steel!! My mother had bad varicose veins but unfortunatly I never had a chance to discuss my situation with her because she passed away from ovarian cancer in 1985. I did receive some very good ointment for my ulcerated sore and it eventually healed but over the last 2 years the complete area around the sore is Very dark and red. The skin is very sensitive. I am very atheletic, have run 4 marathons, play alot of racketball and I just was getting very upset about how this area was reacting. I consulted with 4 doctors, including a dermatoligist,a vascular surgeon, and other plastic surgeons.It was not until november of 1999 when I went in for my annual physical that my Physician(A new doctor I found) told me there is a new procedure for my condition. Most likely what I have is veinous insufficiency and it has progressed. What is happening is the valves in some of my veins are weak or not working at all. This problem causes blood to possibly pool and slow circulation making my leg swell and in the furture create ulcerations and ultimatly a bad problem for me later in life. I am so happy about my surgery this friday. Maybe your mom can take a look at this procedure. If she has Varicose veins please look at the Tri-vex system. I know this is a minimally invasive surgery and might be OK for your mom at her age. Never the less I can let you know how I do on friday and I would love to discuss with you the ointment I used. This was a very healing ointment and it really took away the burning feeling. It is a Prescription and I know doctors use it for Burn victims. I hope to hear from you. God Bless! Ed
 09/19/2000 05:21 PM

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Has your mother consulted with her primary care physician? Has she seen a specialist in vein care? If the answer is "yes" and you are still concerned, please check the listings of physicians on this forum for one near you. I hope this is helpful.
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