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December 05, 2021  
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Topic Title: Chronic Venous Insufficiency
Created On: 01/09/2003 11:59 AM
 12/28/2004 04:22 PM

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My m87 year ols mother suffers from extreme CVI. She has developed open wounds, redness and swelling in her legs. Her GP has been of little help. Can someone recommend a physician in the hackensack area that may be able to help? In the meantime, are there any remedies that can help her?
 08/20/2004 10:07 AM

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[email protected]

Hello, You are not alone. Suggest you check out Yahoo Groups-"Thrombosis" It is a very active group. Many of the respndents appear to be young ladies about your age, who have a myriad of venous probs in their legs. Check it out I am sure you will find it useful. When my wife was of childbearing age, venous clots were always a risk. We were young and fearless then. With good preventative care including wearing substantial support stockings, much prayer she delivered 4 children. Now years later I was diagnosed with CVI and wear the substantial compression hose. I do a lot of walking, water aerobics, and try to control my weight. I am always open to suggestions on how to keep CVI from winning. At this time I am able to keep the symtoms from preventing me from doing what I want to do. The support stockings seem to give my legs a "healthy "feeling. Good luck. My decisions are not as profound as yours. God Bless you.
 08/08/2004 02:52 PM

Author Icon

In reply to Richard, my dr. has also suggested skin grafting for two fairly large ulcers on my toes, as well as two smaller ones between my toes. However, in lieu of the grafts, he also suggested staying off of my feet for about 2 months to help the swelling of my toes to dissipate. Has anyone suggested this type of treatment for you? At first blush it seems counter-productive to me as bedrest for that length of time would probably result in restricted blood flow to my legs without some sort of pump.
 08/03/2004 03:45 PM

Author Icon

Hi. I also feel very alone living with CVI. I got it after having ankle surgery at the tender age of 20 (I'm a female). Now at 35 I try my best to accept my circumstance, knowing that it could be a lot worse. I've worn stockings below the knee all this time, occasionally skipping a day when it's really hot and I'm not on my feet. But it is a drag and I do get down on myself, and keep wondering/wishing for a cure. My condition is also partly hereditary (my father has it much worse) and is enough that my husband and I decided I should not bear children, as this would really compound the swelling. Oh well...
 04/24/2004 07:16 AM

Author Icon

In reply to Richard. Although I was warned about leg ulcers, my present condition is yet to be resolved so far as I am concerned. First, I am told now that the deep veins are working propoerly. (The original dioagnosis was of a useless lower deep vein becasue of destroyed butterfly valves). However I am told now that the operation to deal with the varicose veins was not a success. I am further told that no further operation should be contemplated. My own conclusion is that what was diagnosed as DVT may have merely been the result of a failed operation with swelling due to excess blood in the superficial part of the lower leg. I have not developed any serious ulcers after some 2.5 years. However I use Diprosone occasionally to relieve svere itching on some sites. I wear compression hose (No 3 on Rleg and 2 on Lleg) but am told these are excessive and await latest report. It may be that lower strength must be worn. The full toe type are fine but the half toe cause sever swelling and pain near the toes. However the further complication is that of lack of feeling in the lower part of both legs for which I am taking Amitriptolyne awaiting an EMG and further neuropothy consultation. I do not know if any of this helps you. What is clear to me is that what otherwise might be deemed excessive walking can only be good for the legs. Feet up after an hour or so of fast walking does no harm. TG
 04/08/2004 01:11 PM

Author Icon

I won't be 54 until June of this year, I had two problems with bllod clots bac in 95 & 96 that left m with CVI especially in my left leg. my left leg had a 38" blood clot and went to what my hosp. called Blue leg. they were about 10 mins from removing the leg when they were able to attain flow. I also had an 18" clot in my right leg 6mths latter. Anyway i developed a leg ulcer on the left leg that has lasted for 2 yrs and 4mths. I do have a question on your disability 1. is it undr SS and 2 how often do they review your case. my doc said that my condition will not get better that it will get worse to the extent of leg removalas a worst case cenereo. Since my cond. has progressed so slowly i could probably pass on before that happens. He did say that i will suffer from the ulcers the rest of my life and they could be as often as 1mth to 6mths apart. My current one as mentioed before has lasted a long time and currently he is trying to get me to go for a skin graft. with the frequency at this time i choose not to do this. It is healing slowly. let me know Richard
 02/04/2004 10:59 AM

Author Icon

I am over 65. Following surgery for varicose veins in both legs in 11/01 my right leg swelled and I was then after Doppler told that my deep lower veins were incompetent. Since then I have worn compression stockings. Problems: part of toe nail removed after course of antibiotics and penicilin because of compression. Also there is a need to walk as much as possible at least 1-2 hours a day. Cannot drive etc. There seems little the medical profession can offer beyond advice to keep weight down, keep moving and rest legs up when not walking. Ever try this on a bus? Patience and a willingness to battle on are the answers
 09/17/2003 05:53 AM

Author Icon

I am a 42 year old female and I was left with CVI after a DVT in my groin 8 years ago. Last year I was advised to have a Palmers Crossover graft to increase the bloodflow. It has been a long struggle and I do think that my leg is a little more swollen than it was before the op, but generally I think I am better. There are fewer days when I have pain and the skin looks and feels better. I also use a compression pump regularly which really helps. I'd love to hear from others with CVI as sometimes I feel very alone as many people have not heard of this condition.
 08/05/2003 07:47 AM

Author Icon

There is an excellent discussion group at yahoo groups. Go to yahoo, groups and look for thrombosis. You have to register to be a member. Lots of people there who have been through clots and lots of info and support.
 08/03/2003 07:01 PM

Author Icon

I am a fifty year old female who ended up with a DVT due to an ankle fracture. I was also taking birth control pills and neither my primary care physician or my orthopedic physican told me to discontinue their use after the fracture. The DVT started in my calf and traveled up to the groin area before I showed any symptoms. It has now been 4 months since the clot. My ultrasound showed the clot is gone but that I have vein damage. I have to wear a compression stocking and I do have aching pain, itching and heaviness in my leg. Any suggestions? I don't feel as though either doctor is thinking this is as big a problem as I do.
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