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December 05, 2021  
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Topic Title: s/p DVT
Created On: 11/13/2002 07:46 AM
 04/07/2004 12:54 PM

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I also had a clot that was to the same extent as your husband. My problem caused my leg to go to "blue leg status" and was about 10 min. away from removal up to and including my left hip. it has been 9 yrs and I went through 2 pain management doctors and was taking various dosages of Vicodine, Morphine and Oxycotine. Six months after my left leg problem while on antiqagulant therepy my right leg developed and 18 inch clot. It did not go to the same extent as the left. I have had a painful venous ulceration on my left leg that got as large as a 50 cent coin and i have had it for over 2 years. in order to heal my doc used an unaboot for about 6months unsuccessfully. Went to a wound care facillity as outpatient for six months, at a cost of over 10,000 dollars, also unsuccessful. The swelling continues left leg 2-3X the size of right. i am on a tegasorb therapy and still have the ulcer however it is starting to heal very slowly. I tried to continue working using the pain meds for 8 yrs. in outside sales. This was very risky and ultimately caused even more damage. I have since been placed on disability and my doc gives me no chance of recovery and a constnt reacurrence of the ulcers. I have been searching for someone that had the DVT to the extent that i had and this is the first time i have found that individual. My doc is simply continueing the coumadine therapy at 7.5 mg per day. I can' t tell you what will help your husband but i have gone through a regement of speacilist and have yet to obtain any remedy. My doc says that my condition can only get worse and will definatly not get better. I hope your husband does bettera than i have. Keep in touch. By the way in 1995 when my left leg problem began, all the many doctors could tell me was i had a genetic blood disorder. Nothing in my family history supports this theory. Good Luck Richard
 11/13/2002 07:46 AM

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Help! Looking for advice on how to deal with post phlebotic syndrome. My husband sufferred a large DVT (entire length of his leg into abdomen) now 4 months later his leg is still swollen despite pneumatic stockings. We understand he will suffer residual damage all his life, but wish to know what he can do to try to improve? Physical therapy, lymphadema specialists? We have found very little literature on the subject, physician's have had little to say.
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