Topic Title: scleroderma
Created On: 08/29/2001 08:33 PM

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 09/07/2003 09:57 AM

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I am not a doctor, but I can tell you the treatment that my husband is recieving for his cronic leg ulcers from scleroderma, if it may help. My husband has leg ulcers that are very open and draining due to the fact that Scleroderma has caused pulmanary arterial hypertension in the right side of his heart, causing extremity water retention and swelling in both legs causing ulcerations from his knees down on both sides. The treatment that seems to be helping heal some of the ulcerations is: applying a layer of Bacitracin Zinc Ointment USP, over that placing Xeroform(petrolatum dressings) to the effected areas, covering that with Kerlix, and over that Ace Bandages, this seems to be promoting new skin growth in the effected areas, we know that this may be a temporary fix for this on going problem but it has started to close up the open ulceration. They had tried UNABOOTS for this and had found that it increased the area of ulceration and lead to infections that were going tword a systemic nature adding the need for the use of Vancimiacine, but since the above mentioned treatment started the infection is kept to a minimum and they are closing, this is currently being done with a bandage change daily such as a burn care would be.
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 08/29/2001 08:33 PM

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We have several scleraderma patients with lower extremity ulcers - chronic- we have tried just about every product/wound care treatment on them- does anyone else have success with a particular protocol?
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