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September 20, 2021  
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Topic Title: Do they really work?
Created On: 01/10/2001 11:49 AM
 06/03/2011 05:07 PM

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I tried. not very good for me. [img=260x259]/uploadimage/12.PNG[/img]
 03/30/2011 12:08 PM

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Good question Lu! I also wanna know about the answer!!
 03/30/2011 11:12 AM

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Is it useful for every person? For how long i can tell whether it is useful or not?
 02/27/2002 12:38 PM

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Has anyone heard of the TI Stimulator by Therapeutic Innovations? I recently received some info on this product from my doctor.
 01/17/2002 07:52 PM

Author Icon

Moist wound healing principles are being applied to almost every wound these days - from surgical sites, to cuts and scrapes. The cells that are involved in healing can't travel over dry areas. So, for the cells to function properly, they must be in a moist environment. If you look at a "scab" it is a dry covering. Underneath that "scab" a flurry of activity is going on in a moist environment. With the new dressings we have available, we try to create a moist environment to promote more rapid healing. This works with wounds that are draining heavily (we use dressings that absorb excess moisture) and dry wounds (we use dressings that will add moisture, or maintain a moist environment. So, to answer your question - moist wound healing is definitely the way to try and heal a wound.
 10/18/2001 08:24 PM

Author Icon

Moist wound dressings do work, tkae it from me. I had a gaping wound about 2 inches long as the result if a surgical incision. Within two weeks of Opsite post op [smith-nephew] it was down to 1inch but still with a small amount of exudate. The community health nurse here in Newfoundland switched to Aquacel dresing[convtec][I don't know the smith-nephew equivalent]Now ther is only a trace of exudate and the wound is all but healed.Keep in mind that my incision wound was in a cast for eight weeks and was infected when tha cast was removed, George
 09/09/2001 10:24 PM

Author Icon

I also have heatd that moist wound dressing is the best for healing wounds with little or no drainage. Is this true and what kind of moist dressing needs to be used for best results?
 01/10/2001 11:49 AM

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I keep reading all this about Moist Wound Dressings and how they are supposed to be effective..do they really work?
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