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September 20, 2021  
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Topic Title: Healing of an incision site
Created On: 08/04/2001 09:14 PM
 10/16/2002 08:46 PM

Author Icon

it hurts like hell but I have a majo infection just ending and when we were in the hospital they did my wet to dry with dackons soultuion which if you dont have a nurse with iv pain meds don't try this at home the solution is clorox bleach baking soda sterial water and a third thing I belive but cant remember . If I ever here a person wine about wet to dry hurting when they yank off the dead guess what try this becuse there is fresh tissue there and on comes a soultion with bleach on it and it hurt like hell. But it did a great job not only for killing bugs but it also makes new good granualtion tissue grow.
 10/13/2001 10:59 AM

Author Icon

Update to my message about "Healing of an insicion site". After months of drainage,cultures,open insicion, packing and dressing,etc.etc., my doctor finally decided to remove the "hardware" i had in my knee, which was basically a stainless steal staple. He felt i was having an reaction possibly to the nickel in the stainless steal. I just had the stitches removed, and so far so good. I have been off antibiotics for about an month now! So, if anyone has a similiar problem, check see if your possibly allergic to matals.
 10/13/2001 09:37 AM

Author Icon

Dear Nancy, I have a problem similar to yours but as aresult of a broken ankle. Initially infected and then slow to heal. My community health Nurse here in Newfoundland, srarted with OPSITE OP[smith&nephew] and in time [about two weeks]went to AQUACEL, [bristolmyerssquibb]This is a 2x2 pad which is placed on the wound and then covered with the OPSITE op.. This covering is completely waterproof and you can shower etc. The dresssing is left on for 5/6 days to a max of 7days. I have very little drainage, but the wound is slow to heal.However, in 2weeks the has been a signifint improvement. If for some reason you cannot get "AQUACEL"Just ask yoyr pharmicist for a "HYDROCOLLOID drsssing. Good luck, and be assured this method will work, Regards George
 09/09/2001 10:08 PM

Author Icon

I had a facelift 4 weeks ago. The sutures behind my ears got infected and this was treated,I have open wounds behind my ears with minimal drainage...blood tinge. Any suggestions on how to help this heal or any special dressing I need to use?
 08/04/2001 09:14 PM

Author Icon

Hello, I had ACL reconstruction back on May 17th. I had a post-op infection pop-up near the insicion area. The doctor has had to "cut" back into that incision twice, the second time all the way down to where we can see the metal "staple" he used to hold my new hamstring ligament in. They started me on antibiotics, and i am currently doing a home IV rigament of them both morning and night for 6 weeks. The "wound" seems to be healing, but i still have alot of drainage from it. It has closed itself up alot, but seems to have hit a point where it isnt "closing". No stitches have been used, with the theory of having it heal from the inside out. We were using "wet to dry" dressings, but have now stopped them as of a few days ago because the area has gotten too small to use them anymore. Any suggestions on what to use now on the site? I have been using just saline rinses 2x a day, and using peroxide every 2-3 days as a rinse and covering area with a gauze pad and an kerlex gauze roll over that then an ace bandage (I am so sick of wearing an ace bandage i could scream!!!!!! LOL) I have not been real happy with my doctor, so that is why i am welcoming other suggestions. Thanks, Nancy
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