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October 27, 2021  
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Topic Title: LED Technology Helps Wound Patients
Created On: 09/02/2003 09:44 PM
 05/17/2013 02:29 PM

Author Icon

Clearly, more time has gone by since the original post concerning this topic. Even so, it is still believed that LED technology can hasten wound healing. In fact, I believe NASA conducted a study using LED lighting combined with hyperbaric oxygen to find out if wounds would more quickly heal.

The result? Overall, I believe the combination of the two therapies enhanced healing. Fortunately, even if if only LED's are used, though, I still think healing is hastened.
 01/22/2005 10:14 AM

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The future of wound care in here. See the WoundCarePro3000 LED Lamp. see www.woundcarepro.com Mention wound1.com for 20% discount.
 02/10/2004 09:33 AM

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We have 3 LED IR heating pad devices ranging inprice from $500-650 that can be seen on our website: www.lumenphoton.com We have been involved since June 2002 in a simple study involving the use of our LED device in the treatment of ischemic osteonecrosis of the jawbone. Results may be seen on the site. As with anyone who has experience with quality LED products,this form of healing is potent in many situations. We have a number of MDs and DDSs who are currently using our LumenLight.
 10/31/2003 04:35 AM

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As a physician, PLEASE guide me to where I may locate an LED devise for my patients. Tamburri, MD
 09/02/2003 09:44 PM

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In the news today:LED Technology Helps Wound PatientsWhere can I find more on the LED treatment? Is there a treatment center in the Mid Hudson Valley NY (Kingston/Poughkeepsie area). The tip of one toe takes months to heal and then the slightest injury causes a blood blister as if there is no way for the blood to return to the system. While it is healing it oozes into the bandage sometimes more than others, but does not cause a blood blister.
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