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January 25, 2022  
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Topic Title: depression from pain
Created On: 01/03/2003 12:40 PM
 03/16/2015 03:15 PM

Author Icon

<p>You are really very strong as I know a person who is a very good friend of mine had fight from 10 [url=http://orthopedicsurgerysandiego.com/]knee surgeries[/url] and 2 back surgeries and still living life happily with his family. Just leave your pain and come back to enjoy the life again!!!</p>
 08/20/2004 08:55 AM

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[email protected]

Kitty, there is a reason why others come to you for their problems, because amidst your own you are a stronger person than what you give yourself credit for, in my humble opinion. I cna surely relate to everything you say, I have three kids myself and even with any type of injury (recent ACL, meniscus, and bone fracture) everyone also seems to come to me for everything. Don't go crazy, let it make you stronger. I try to stay away from as much meds as I possibly can because of the side effects - the ones listed and those not. I also agree with having some time to yourself, even in thought - it can work wonders. Believe in yourself and you can overcome anything that life has to throw at you. I'm not a preacher, but I don't think that we are tested beyonds our means. Resolve only makes us stronger in the long run, not only for ourselves but those around us. I have to have surgery for my injuries, and I'm already looking to get back on the proverbial horse. I also think that a good support network, whether at home or online also helps a great deal, in that you are never alone! Take care.
 07/24/2004 11:35 AM

Author Icon

Thanks for your suggestion. I'll give it a try. Anything is worth trying. Between the stress of pain and famly worries and worry over future surgery I think I'm going crazy sometimes. Everyone seems to come to me when they want an errand run or phone calls to be made and I can't hardly take care of myself much less everyone else. Thanks for the advice.
 07/22/2004 10:42 AM

Author Icon

Hi Kitty, Just wanted to tell you that ALL narcotic pain killers make me sick. Actually, that's pretty common. The doctor gives me PROMETHAZINE to take with the Vicodin or whatever. It's similar to Dramamine. If that doesn't work, then you could try ZOFRAN, which stops vomiting. However, it is VERY expensive and my insurance won't allow but 12 at a time. I got some when I recently had shoulder surgery and the Pharmacist said 12 would cost $256.00 without insurance!!! Even with ins. the co-pay was $50. I think the Promethazine works just as well and is quite inexpensive. Call your doctor, tell them the drugs make you sick and ask for a Promethazine prescription. Post your results. Good luck.
 07/22/2004 12:06 AM

Author Icon

I had a left TKR in september 2004, my 5th surgery. And this time they used an epidural on me and I would have it any other way. Just tell your doctor you are nervous. I was not aware of anything when I had my TKR, no sound, I didn't wake up and don't remember anything. I was given a light sedative before surgery and the epidural was put in after I was asleep. I rather the epidural then the way they did it before.
 07/17/2004 09:07 AM

Author Icon

Hi. I don,t think my Dr. wants to give me an epidural if I have surgery and I don't know if I could handle staying awake during surgery. My pain pills quite working so he gave me some more and they make me sick even when I cut them in half. I'm afraid to tell the Dr. I'm afraid he'll think I'm just wanting more drugs so I guess I'll just have to wait a month or so before I ask for more. I just wish I could get a little more support at home but thats wishfull thinking and it's not going to happen. I don't ask much but just a little help around the house and a little understanding when I hurt. Thanks for listening.
 07/16/2004 06:45 PM

Author Icon

I need to vent. I have had 6 knee sugeries reconstructive surgery on both knees. Now I have had BAD pain in my left knee on my MRI report it said" severe tricompartmental degenerative change, most marked involving the patellofemoral joint." Can someone help me understand this?? Thanks so much!!!!!
 07/14/2004 11:02 PM

Author Icon

Well kitty if you choose the surgery you can have the epidural which then you would not have pain they leave it in for a few days. and as wife,mother and grandmom we as woman have the bad tendancy of neglecting ourselves.Sometimes we need to step aside and do what is needed for our health.because if you dont take care of you. you won't be able to take care of anyone. You need to stop worrying about what is ahead and deal with what is in front of you. It is much easier to deal with things one at a time than trying to worry about tomorrow which hasn't arrived.
 07/13/2004 10:49 PM

Author Icon

Well I went to the Dr. today and he took x-rays of both knees. The bad one is worse he says. It is bone on bone and he said stay off of it as much as possible and try to lose weight which is hard to do if you can't be on your feet. He gave me a shot in my good knee and said it was getting worse. I ask a lot of questions about knee replacement and he made me feel a little better but I'm still scared to death of the pain after surgery. I'm going to try to wait untill the first of the year to do it. I just have too many responiblites in my family to do it now. I am so depressed tonight. It's not knowing what will happen from day to day thats so hard and the continual dread of the surgery. Well I'll quit complaining for tonight and go to bed. Thanks for being there.
 07/10/2004 09:34 PM

Author Icon

kitty it does not make you a baby. Who isnt scared of having surgery I have said everytime make sure you wake me up, you do have the option of an epidural for surgery which they leave in for a few days after surgery which then you do not have any pain. I opted not to have that done Because I had nerve blocks in the past and did not want anything in my back again.Plus there are new TKR's that are less evassive now,I unfortunatly did not have that option it is only for new knees not revisions. And give yourself some credit you are much stronger than you think. You will surprise yourself. I use meditaion for stress I sit out under the trees with nature and just veg out. Remember you need to make time for yourself everyday even if it is just a few minutes. and by doing so you will find you are less stressed.Besides who wants stress anyways it only causes more health problems : ) And Like I have said before kitty if ya feel the need please email me I am happy to help anyway possible and it wouldnt be just for you but me also. Valori
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