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January 25, 2022  
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Topic Title: Orlando
Created On: 12/12/2004 11:13 AM
 01/13/2005 09:57 AM

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Matthew Ever since I posted these comments about having a shortened clavicle, and how it hurts my neck and spine, and Scapulothoracic Joint, I have had more and more people contacting me. The shortened clavicle keeps my scapula pulled cockeyed, and over time, has stretched out the acromioclavicular ligaments. It seems like all of this might have been avoided by setting the bone initially; but there seems to be this foolish notion that shortening of the clavicle has no effect. I have had more and more people e-mail me directly, explaining they have been through the same nightmare. So many doctors seemed more concerned with what the books told them, than what the patient told them. While the complications were obvious, a majority of the doctors were blind to the obvious. There is an extensive publications out there by a doctor from Sweeden, Dr. Jan Nowak, about clavicle fractures, malunions, and non-unions. At the beginning of the paper she explains that she gained interest in this because a patient wanted his clavicle fixed, regardless of the risk. She said at first she was skeptical, and 9 years later, she has the most extensive publication on clavicle fractures, malunions and nonunions. The most impressive conclusions she makes is that there are areas for further study. As much as she knows about it, she says there is still more to learn. I think if more doctors were more open to learning (once they are practicing) more advancements could be made; rather than practicing with old ideas, that could be advanced by having an open mind. Some doctors are better than others, just like anything in life.
 01/13/2005 09:21 AM

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Hi Johnny, Did you know that actor Bruce Willis has had an operation on his right shoulder, and his clavicle stands up at the distal end? It is very obvious in the movie "The Fifth Element". He has a really big scar like from the coracoid down to the top of his armpit. I wonder if it is possible to communicate with him and possibly get him involved in our advocacy. I searched the web a couple days ago but with no success. Matthew
 12/12/2004 11:13 AM

Author Icon

In the news todayrlandoI had a distal clavicle fracutre over 2 years ago. The bone healed crooked, and over an inch shorter - "L" shaped; shaped like a golf club. I have had a difficult time finding a doctor to understand how the shortened clavicle pulls my shoulder cockeyed - it keeps my scapula pulled crooked. It is affecting my neck and spine. My shoulder is stuck forward, from the collarbone being so much shorter. It affects my neck and spine. It is very easy to see how it is pulling my upper body crooked. There are medical studies that say shortening doesn't matter; I think that is a bunch of hogwash. The shorter the clavicle, the more the shoulder is going to be cockeyed. If shortening doesn't matter, then why do people with shorter clavicles complain of these symptoms, and go from doctor to doctor with the same frustration ? Those studies that say shortening doesn't matter are a bunch of hogwash. They take the patients input, and turn it into statistics, then generate output to prove whatever they want to prove. I guarantee that no orthopedic surgeon who produced those studies, has a shortened clavicle. The shorter the clavicle, the more it can pull your shoulder out of whack, affecting the neck and spine, and nerves and blood vessels; leading to numbness, tingling, lack of circulation, neck and spine problems. Is there anyone who has experienced this nightmare scenario ? Please contact me with your input and experiences. The more people we can get together with these experiences, the more likely this ridiculous notion can be banished, and we can help doctors open their eyes to this complication that is ruining lives. Please contact me with your experiences and thoughts. Thank You Johnny
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