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September 15, 2019  
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Topic Title: Medial collateral ligament tear
Created On: 09/12/2001 08:01 PM
 09/12/2001 08:01 PM

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On 9/2/01 I fell while carrying a heavy load while in the mountains of Wyoming. There was a loud crack, but no pain. Pain after only in certain positions, and there was a feeling of instability. Pain on going down hill, but little going uphill. No swelling but bruising appearing on inside of kneecap and lower at the back of the knee. I've visited a sports medicine orthopedist who indicated a classic medial collateral ligament tear. I wasn't conversant enough with the subject to ask what class tear. I am looking for a quick fix. I have a similar trip planned for November 18, into the same mountains and I want to be ready to hike and ride horses. I'm 71 years old and in good shape. The recommendation was to take an anti inflamatory (ibuprofen) three times daily and continue any exercise possible without pain. Physical therapy was considered but it was suggested it might not help too much. In retrospect and with research, it seems strengthing the quadriceps might help. What sort of excerise or motion would accelerate healing with little or no danger of further damage? Any other suggestions for a quick fix are welcome. Bob Terrazas
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