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December 05, 2021  
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Topic Title: Venous Insufficency
Created On: 08/16/2002 09:53 PM
 10/19/2004 04:15 PM

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[email protected]

Hello, Thanks for introducing me to oxerutins. I did a Google Search on the term an found an abundance of info. Everything that is but where you buy the material. Several places appeared to be sellers but never replied. Apparently oxerutins are effective against the symptoms and even the causes of venous insufficiency. However most of the info stresses they are used in conjunction with wearing compression hose. I did find some interesting info on a medicine called Daflon500 which is derived from citrus. It is mfg. by Servier, a French Co. I found a source of supply. Costs about $1/capsule and the daily dosage starts at 2 and increases from there. The info I have on this substance shows good detail on test results, and an excellent treatise on everything one might want to know about CVI, including a description on the various classes of severity. I intend to deliver this info to my Dr. for his opinion. If you wish I can download this to you. You probably need Adobe Reader capabilities. The literature appears to show Daflon 500 is effective in treating the disease. Again it is used in conjunction with compression therapy. Good luck and Good Health.
 09/14/2004 05:02 AM

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Oxerutins are widely used in Europe for the treatment of venous insufficiency. Used as an alternative to compression stockings, they reduce the swelling and may strengthen the blood vessels. Are Oxerutins available in the USA? Are they used for treatment of venous insufficiency?
 01/16/2004 11:33 PM

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I too have been diagnosed with Venous Insufficiency on my right ankle. I twisted it 11 months ago and while the swelling has subsided somewhat there still remains quite a bit of deep pitted edema. I was told I would have to wear a compression stocking for the rest of my life and to have a good day. Well that's unacceptable considering this doctor made the diagnosis based on visual inspection and no testing. I am going to a vascular specialist to have this confirmed, but I am also pursuing every alternative possiblity. I will keep you posted - I have also been told I have lymphadema by one of the leading specialists in this field. Again she made this diagnosis based on visual inspection. I have lost faith in doctors but plan to take control of my own health care.
 01/14/2003 01:48 AM

Author Icon

Sounds to me that you need to be checked out by a Vascular Surgeon that will do a doppler test on your legs. You need to lay flat, with your feet and legs higher than your heart for 15 minutes out fo every hour. It helps. You may also need a diuretic to get rid of some of the extra fluid in your system. You may just need to go to another Dr. for a second opinion. One in three people have some form of vein problem without knowing it.
 08/16/2002 09:53 PM

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I have a swollen left foot. I have had the veins and arteries checked by ultra sounds. All is ok and now the doctor is saying that I have venous insufficency. The foot is always swollen. Keeping it up doesn't make it go down either. Heat and wearing heals makes the swelling worse....what do think I should do next ???? I had back surgery, a micro disc-ectomy on L4 and L5 last May if that might have anything to do with it. Thank you.
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