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August 12, 2020  
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Topic Title: second degree burns
Created On: 01/08/2001 09:32 AM
 03/03/2002 10:13 PM

Author Icon

I got burned by my radiator in my car and it is a 2nd degree burn.How do I care for it.
 01/30/2002 08:20 PM

Author Icon

i recently got 2nd degree burns all over my right hand and wrist and now that it is healing i am having some brownish scarring and pains in my wrist. is that normal or should i see a doctor about this..........
 01/15/2002 11:16 PM

Author Icon

When I was a baby I was sitting on my mom's lap at the dinner table. When I decided to tip the cup over. They rushed me to the hospital and there they gave me some drugs.The doctor said it was a severe 2nd degree burn. my parents brought me home the same day and one of my mothers friends and my mother prayed over me. Later that night my parents had decided to tell my other sisters that we wouldn't be able to go on our vacation. Before my parents went to bed they checked on me and to there ashtonishment the bisters that were all over my leg had gotten smaller. By morning my leg was all healed THANK THE LORD! This is a miracle in my life I will never forget!!!
 10/24/2001 01:08 AM

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i have a burn
 10/23/2001 12:22 AM

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My 13month-old grabbed a cup of hot tea and spilled it on her chest. We went to the emergency unit and she was treated within 20 min of it first occuring. It is a 2nd-degree burn to a third of her chest with 3 to 4 medium-sized blisters. Will she scar in these areas? If not, how long will it leave a mark. I would hate for her to have this for the rest of her life. She is only 1-yr-old.
 07/24/2001 12:21 AM

Author Icon

I received a chemical burn to my right side..this occurred as follows; i had obtained some old wood planks and i heavily sprayed them with insect killer..about a week later i moved the planks on a very hot day with no shirt on..i carried them next to my right side ..about a day later i noticed reddish areas,then swelling after 3 days then about the 5th day blistering..i have been using neosporin then Betadine..it's about 6 days now still blistering badly ..how long does it take to heal this ???about 3 to 4 weeks ??
 06/26/2001 06:43 PM

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 06/09/2001 03:16 AM

Author Icon

i was just burned on my right hand and foot, how can i get the area to spot burning...
 06/09/2001 03:13 AM

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 02/19/2001 03:50 PM

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I am interested in finding out what is best to put on a burn after silver sulfadiazine cream. I burned my left arm from a few inches above my elbow to a few inches above my wrist with boiling water, a 2nd degree burn.
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